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Crystal River Fishing Report
October 2016 Fishing Report for Crystal River PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Monday, 17 October 2016 17:01

With the weather cooling off the bite is starting to turn on. I have been getting great fishing reports from all the guides in Homosassa and Chassahowitzka. Everything seems so hungry. This is good. Call a Captain today for a fishing charter or guide service.


http://www.spottailscharters.com/ Captain Kelly Kofmehl

www.crystalriverfishingguides.com Multiple Fishing Guides and Charters

http://carolinaskiffttopsandtowers.com/ Carolina Skiff T Tops

www.naturecoastfishingreport.com Nature Coast Fishing Report

Crystal River Fishing Report for March 2016 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Thursday, 24 March 2016 19:34

The Nature Coast Fishing Report in Crystal River is hot. The Trout and Redfish bite is going stronger than ever. We are getting great results for Trout and Redfish with live shrimp and artificial baits. I was fishing with Mike Ziegler. He is the Charter captain for Salt Face Charters in Homosassa, Crystal River, Chassahowitzka and the Nature Coast.

Pompano have been chewing as well. I had never eaten Pompano before. Let me tell you it is awesome. Captain Mike caught the Pompanos and was nice enough to share.

The Snook are here! The Snook are hitting it hard.

Book your trip with a Nature Coast Fishing Guide for the best results.

Tight Lines and Cold Beers

Call 1-352-445-2755 to book a trip.




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Crystal River Fishing Report for February 2016 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Thursday, 24 March 2016 19:29

The Crystal River Fishing Report for February was a really good. The Trout and Redfish bite was really really strong. We manage to limit out on Trout and Redfish just about every trip. I was fishing with Captain Tony Matthews. He is the Charter captain for Old Homosassa Guide Service.Captain Tony knows the area well and I was happy to tag along on a few of his scouting trips.

Tight Lines For your Next Guided trip call 1-352-445-2755






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November 30 2015 Crystal River Fishing Report PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Tuesday, 01 December 2015 18:57

Great Fishing in November. This is just how it has been. It is really warm (in the nineties) for this time of year. However the fishing has been just as hot or hotter! We have been catching Lots of nice trout with a few Big Gator Trout in the mix. The Redfish fish bite has been equally impressive. The rock hopping for Grouper has been nice. We have had a few days this week when we have been able to limit out for this prize table fare.


www.spottailscharters.com Captain Kelly

http://oldhomosassaguideservice.com/ Captain Tony Matthews Guide Service

http://homosassaflyfishing.com/ Fly Fishing

http://codella.com/ Fly Rods Reels for Sale

www.crabplant.com Seafood Market Crystal River

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October 20th 2015 Fishing Report PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Tuesday, 20 October 2015 18:25

With the weather cooling off a bit the fishing has picked up. But so has the wind. Last week we limited out on Grouper. We were digging for them in rock piles several miles out. We came back inshore and got hooked up with a few nice Trout, a few Redfish and a smoking Snook! All in all a great day on the water. I was fishing with Captain Tony Mathews out of Homosassa.  For Guide Service 1-352-445-2755

www.Crystalriverfishingguides.com Crystal River Fishing Guides Charters

http://www.charterfishingguidesflorida.com/ Florida Inshore Offshore Charters

www.floridaredfishguides.com Red Fish Guides

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Crystal River June 2015 Fishing Report PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Tuesday, 16 June 2015 18:45

John and Dick met me at the dock at 8am on a Wednesday morning. We got loaded in my Gulfshore 20 and headed down the Crystal River, then pealed off into Salt River. Turned to the West at Coon Gap, kept going to the West  until we reached 8 to 10 foot of water. We drifted around on the Grass flats for a couple of hours catching Trout and a variety of other fish. John said he wanted to keep 6 Trout for dinner that night. We caught and released a dozen or so more. I told John and Dick that the tide was getting right to catch some Reds. I fired the engine up, we headed back for the Mangroves. Made a couple of stops and caught and released some nice fish. I navigated the boat to a place where I had seen some really big Reds. We got into position, put the Power Pole down made a long cast. Within 2 minutes Dick's rod was bent double with a 35 inch Red. Dick's fish was running straight towards John's line. John reeled in as fast as he could to keep the lines from getting tangled. As soon as Dick's Red ran from the school John casted back up to the school of Reds. Bam John was hooked up!Both anglers were fighting over the slot Reds. We knew both Reds were big. It was a battle keeping the lines from tangling, as the Reds were zigging and zagging. Dick landed his fish first, 35inches and 13 pounds. John wrestled with his Red for awhile. When he finally landed it, 39 inches and 18 pounds. What a fight in 2 feet of water, with light tackle. Red fish like this will be around the whole month of June, along with many other species of fish that will make everyday on the water a new adventure.
Capt Kelly Kofmehl
Inshore and flats fishing

May 2015 Crystal River Fishing Report PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Thursday, 14 May 2015 16:12

May is one of the best months to fish here on the nature Coast. Fishing is way hotter than the weather. All the migration patterns are in full swing. From Tarpon to Spanish mackerel ,all of the palagic fish are heading back north for the summer. The red fish bite will be hot.  With full bag limits and plenty of over slot fish released alive. Red fishing has to be my personal all time fish to target. The main reason being, you can fish for them here all year long, with the warmer months being the best time to target them. Red fish can be targeted with many different kinds of bait. Live pinfish, shrimp, cut bait, to almost any kind of artificial you can imagine to throw. Anything that will work for bass on your favorite fresh water fishing hole will work for the Reds. Top water in the first couple of hours in the morning is about as much fun as you can have. Reds primarily feed on the bottom. Their mouth is designed that way. This is why they "tail" when feeding on the flats. Head down and tail up rooting around on the bottom for small crabs, shrimp and other shellfish. When they feed on the surface it is a whole different ball game. Red fish have to come up over the top of their prey, this makes quite the show on the surface. The biggest mistake most people make is setting the hook when they see the "blow up", and end up pulling the bait away from the fish, you have to set the hook until you can feel the pull on your line.
Then the battle is on. Enjoy your time on the water, take time to enjoy the pristine waters of the Crystal River and Ozello area.
Capt. Kelly Kofmehl
Inshore and flats fishing


April 2015 Inshore Fishing Forecast and Report PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Thursday, 12 March 2015 14:38

April 2015 Fishing Forecast and Crystal River Fishing Report

April is a month that most of the fish on the Nature Coast are on the move. Big Trout will be dropping off of the shore line to the deeper flats off of Crystal River. Snook are on the move as well. Leaving the warm waters of the spring fed rivers to the back waters of Ozello and the Mangrove creeks. As the water heats up Red fish are getting more aggressive.

Its not very that I will brag on a specific bait, but there is a lure out on the market now that has been slaying Big Trout. Unfair lures PAR70SU 01 live glow and PDG70SU 11black orange. When I do a fishing seminar the first question that I get asked, what are you throwing! Well there it is. Red fish and Trout are hitting this bait like a freight train on the flats from Steinhatchee to Ruskin, This I can speak from personal experience. Talking to some of the guys from Texas they are loving it too. Snook find it just as irresistible. So there is part one to the most frequent asked question that comes up in most conversations I have with fellow anglers.

When fishing for Trout on the flats in 6 to10 foot range, it is a good idea to keep a rod that is a little heavier for the migrating Cobia that might pass by. I keep mine loaded with a Savage Gear soft eel, they can't resist it. Spanish mackerel, another one of the many species that is likely to take a bait while fishing in this area. They have razor sharp teeth making it hard to keep your hook on the end of the fluorocarbon leader. Instead of wire line I use a 2x long hook, this produces more strikes than the wire while giving some protection against those chompers. All of the fish that I mentioned are great at dinner time. Nothing is better than wild caught seafood, except the wild caught seafood you caught yourself.

Spring has sprung, get on the water and enjoy a day or just a few hours. With family, friends, or just a little quite time. Slow down and enjoy our back yard.

Capt. Kelly Kofmehl


inshore and flats fishing






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The Crystal River Fishing Report for October 2014 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Thursday, 16 October 2014 16:55


The cold fronts have started pushing their way down into Central Florida. Bringing some much needed relief from the heat of summer.  The water temps continue to slowly drop,and the trout and redfish bite is heating up. Trout have moved on to the flats of the Nature  Coast. Spanish mackerel and Bonita are on the move back south for the winter. As as they head south they come close to the shore following the bait fish. I have been seeing pods of Spanish mackerel off of the Crystal River channel bars and along the edge of the spoil banks West of the power plant.
I Will be targeting trout and redfish in the month of November. I can target the Trout when the tide is not right for Red fishing. This time of year I like to use a popping cork with about 24 inches fluorocarbon leader to a 1/8 ounce Jig with a soft plastic artificial bait. Live shrimp is also a good choice under the popping cork. Look for patches of the yellow bottom with kelp Grass scattered throughout it. Work around the edges of this bottom for Trout with the popping cork. I like to drift fish this way to cover more bottom. Trout Will be in pods. You might drift for 10 minutes without catching a keeper trout then you will hit a spot where you catch two or three keepers in a row. After you have drifted through the fish and don't get you anymore for a few minutes go back around in repeating your drift.  You can expect to catch Mackerel, Seabass, Cobia and other fish while drifting. When the tide reaches the point to go and fish your favorite redfish  hole hang on because they are very aggressive with the cooler water temperatures and get ready for some drag screaming runs. November is a very good month to get your limit of trout and redfish in one day.
Stone crabs season as been open for about 20 days. The claws go very nice when you have company and for thanksgiving. Call the Crab plant in Crystal River to order them for your feast. 1-352-795-4700

Capt Kelly Kofmehl

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