August 19th Crystal River Fishing Report Scallop Report PDF Print E-mail

As daylight started to break in the East, I picked up my client. The sky was black out to the west. We left the dock at 6:30 am and headed down the Crystal River. Grabbing for our rain gear in the idle zone. We ran a couple of miles and only a sprinkle or two. Then the bottom fell out of the sky. We had to idle for about ten minutes or so. When we came out of the rain we were almost to the first spot that I wanted to fish. I got the boat anchored and made the first cast and within about 5 seconds the drag on my Okuma Cedros 30 spinning reel was screaming. At the first sign of the big Red fish I knew that he was over the slot, 28.5 inches. The next cast was a 19-inch Red, then a 11 inch mangrove snapper. The bite was finished at spot number one. Spot number two, we set up and threw out some cut bait, fish were striking everywhere I looked. The action was hot as the weather. We were able to fill our Red fish bag limit and release 6 or 8 more fish. we landed 8 Blue fish, and about that many Jacks. I asked my client, Dan, if he wanted to go to another spot and see what was going on there and he said sure. Spot number 3 was a winner as well. 2 more top slot Reds and the last cast a 33-inch Snook. I had Dan back to the dock by 10:30 and started to clean his fish. These are the kind of days are what can be expected through out the month of September.

    As the full moon begins to build this month some of the big Trout will start to move back inshore to fatten up for the winter months to come. I love fishing in September when schools of Red fish show up and Trout come back. Look for action packed, drag rippin days for this month. The action will be hot. If you want to get in on some of this give me a call.

  Capt. Kelly Kofmehl 1-352-302-5861

Scallop numbers have been good. Call us for a Scalloping trip.