September 12th 2013 Crystal River Fishing Report Scallop Report PDF Print E-mail

The night time temps are starting to drop just a few degrees, giving us
here on the Nature Coast the hint that fall is just around the corner.
October is the month of several changes here in the small stretch of
paradise that i get to call home. First Stone Crabs are back in season.
They will be on the market and ready to be consumed on October 15. With the
Crystal River Stone Crab Jam the first Saturday in Nov. Another change is
the opening of a new store here in Crystal River, Sodium Fishing Gear. I
had the opportunity to sneak a peek in the store the other day. Brandon and
Casey not only have fishing apparel from head to toe, but they also have
rods, reels coolers, a full line of Carbon Marine products, Fly fishing
gear and much more. Stop in and support one of the "local" businesses.
  On my trip yesterday I was polling my clients down a shoreline, I could
see fish working in front of the boat about 150 yards. I told my guys to
get ready to throw. When I was able to maneuver the boat into casting
position I told Bo and Jordan to throw in front of the school of Reds. One
guy made a perfect cast and the other was behind the school. About 2
seconds after the first bait hit the water, drag was rippin off the
Okumareel. We were able to catch 3 Reds out of that school before they
just blew out on us, the first one was 30 inches, the second 31 inches and the third
was 32. What a awesome bunch of fish. They defiantly had all of our hearts
pumping for a while.
    Trout will be back inshore once again in some larger numbers making it
possible to catch a limit without having to run way out into the open bay,
as the water temps begin to drop a few degrees. I have been eagerly
awaiting this event to happen. I typically fish with a popping cork rig
this time of the tear. Last October we did very well on the Trout and I
have already noticed some early arrivals.
  Capt. Kelly Kofmehl
 1- 352-302-5861 or 1-352-445-2755

Scallop numbers have been good. Call us for a Scalloping trip.