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April 2015 Fishing Forecast and Crystal River Fishing Report

April is a month that most of the fish on the Nature Coast are on the move. Big Trout will be dropping off of the shore line to the deeper flats off of Crystal River. Snook are on the move as well. Leaving the warm waters of the spring fed rivers to the back waters of Ozello and the Mangrove creeks. As the water heats up Red fish are getting more aggressive.

Its not very that I will brag on a specific bait, but there is a lure out on the market now that has been slaying Big Trout. Unfair lures PAR70SU 01 live glow and PDG70SU 11black orange. When I do a fishing seminar the first question that I get asked, what are you throwing! Well there it is. Red fish and Trout are hitting this bait like a freight train on the flats from Steinhatchee to Ruskin, This I can speak from personal experience. Talking to some of the guys from Texas they are loving it too. Snook find it just as irresistible. So there is part one to the most frequent asked question that comes up in most conversations I have with fellow anglers.

When fishing for Trout on the flats in 6 to10 foot range, it is a good idea to keep a rod that is a little heavier for the migrating Cobia that might pass by. I keep mine loaded with a Savage Gear soft eel, they can't resist it. Spanish mackerel, another one of the many species that is likely to take a bait while fishing in this area. They have razor sharp teeth making it hard to keep your hook on the end of the fluorocarbon leader. Instead of wire line I use a 2x long hook, this produces more strikes than the wire while giving some protection against those chompers. All of the fish that I mentioned are great at dinner time. Nothing is better than wild caught seafood, except the wild caught seafood you caught yourself.

Spring has sprung, get on the water and enjoy a day or just a few hours. With family, friends, or just a little quite time. Slow down and enjoy our back yard.

Capt. Kelly Kofmehl


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