July 19th Crystal River Scallop and Fishing Report PDF Print E-mail

As July begins to rap up and we roll into August the biggest thing going is still the hunt for Scallops. I have watched as many boats as I can remember seeing coming to the pristine grass flats of the Nature Coast to hunt for these tasty treats. I'm not sure where all of the scallops keep coming from but there seems to be no end to them. On a recent charter, my clients were able to gather their limit in an hour and a half. Some days it takes a little longer. I have also noticed a considerable  difference that a mile can make in the size of the meat. One of the best pieces of advise that I can give is to make sure that you have a good mask. I was standing on the bow of my boat today looking down in the water, I counted eight scallops in a ten foot radius, I called one of my divers over to the boat and watched as he swam over them and only saw one. I started pointing them out him. This is the same crew that did so good a couple of days before. He had started having trouble with his mask leaking a little and was having a hard time seeing them. I started to wonder how many he had actually swam right by and not seen. This is one of the reasons that you not only need a good mask but one that fits well.

   On the fishing side of things, we have been able to scrap a few Red Fish along. They have been a little slow to bite, I have been able to catch just as many on top water and spoons as I have on bait. Throwing the artificials has allowed me to cover more water faster with my clients. The Black Drum bite has stayed strong all summer and should stay that way until we start to get some cold fronts this fall. My clients have caught good numbers of drum in the 50 pound range. It is an awesome site to see them tailing on the some of the many oyster bars that litter our coast line. To see that massive tail come out of the water while they are feeding on top of the bars, then to sneak up on them and place your bait right next to a 50# fish is quite the rush when your line comes tight. The battle is on. These are just a few of the exciting fisheries that are going on on the shore line off of the mouth of the beautiful Crystal River. A place that I am truly blessed to call home. 
Capt Kelly Kofmehl
Inshore and Back Country fishing