Crystal River Fishing Report
September 2012 Crystal River Fishing Report PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Thursday, 13 September 2012 15:02

Most of September I have been targeting big Reds on the flats of the Crystal River. I have the opportunity to fish some new clients as well as fishing people that have been fishing with me for years. Locals as well as people that come from out of town, and even  people that come from out of state to fish the crystal clear waters of the Nature Coast. On one of my recent trips my clients came across the state from Oak Hill,( Mosquito Lagoon). They were surprised at the clarity of the water due to the Red Tide that they had been suffering from in the Lagoon. We managed to start the day off right with a double hook up at the very first stop we made. Little did we know that was setting the president for the day, as it was full of doubles. Fishing was off the chart that day. It was a great day for me as well, my clients caught a lot of Reds and I got to spend time with some really good people that were just happy to be on the water, and enjoy the sites. From the clear water, the mangrove islands, the mullet jumping every where we looked, to the Porpoises chasing the mullet and catching them in the air. It was a slice of paradise. And this was just one of many trips that happened like this month. I am looking forward to October with the cooler nights, fishing will only keep getting better.

   Big Trout have started coming shore just as I predicted in last months article. Limits have been reached on most days for the guys targeting them, and it will continue through October. It is so exciting for me to watch the changing of the seasons and the patterns of the fish change as well.Mullet are bunching in large schools fattening themselves for the fall run. I was red fishing on the flats and have also caught some Blue fish, what a great fight they are able to give you on light tackle. Pods of Jacks are moving in and out with the tides, striking at the bait fish on top of the water. With all of the different fish moving it is a lot to try and take in but it is nice to set back and try, and just enjoy a day on the water. 
   Capt. Kelly Kofmehl
   Inshore and Flats fishing
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Crystal River Fishing Report for August 2012 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Monday, 20 August 2012 17:41

The Red fish bite has been a little slow but has started coming on pretty strong, with limits of reds  on most every charter in the last couple of weeks. We also have been catching some of the over the slot Reds, which make for line rippin, drag screamin' runs and pictures that will last a life time. So far this month I have had alot of people ask for Shark trips, more than I can ever remember doing in any particular month. You want to talk about screaming drags on some heavy rods, wow is all I can say!  We have caught Sharks of every size and kind. Bull and Tiger Sharks up  7 feet, both being know man eaters. Also the smaller sharks that are excellent table fare, Sharks that primarily eat crabs, have a beautiful fillet with no bones. The weather has been great with a light sea breeze almost every day keeping it from being to hot.

      Capt. Kelly
July Scallop Report PDF Print E-mail
Written by Team Navigator   
Friday, 13 July 2012 14:23

Scallop season started with a bang, with most of the boats being able to dive their limits of the tasty muscles in the time frame of a couple of hours. There are still plenty of Scallops left on the shallow grass flats of the Nature Coast to be captured by those wishing to pursue them. The best time to dive for them has been at low tide, where even the youngest of hunters can help gather their dinner for the night. The water off of Crystal River has been surprisingly clear, after all of the rain that we had from Tropical Storm Debbie, making the turquoise-blue eyes of the scallops an easy target for the divers. Call to book an adventure that you will remember for years to come. 352-302-5861

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Crystal River Fishing Report June 26th 2012 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Wednesday, 27 June 2012 18:51

I was running the trolling motor very slowly, being very careful not to
make any noise. Looking in front of the boat about 40 yards I see a giant
tail come out of the water, This fish is feeding. I new that I had a good
shot at catching this fish. I maneuvered the boat in the best position to
make the cast with the crab that I was using for bait. As the crab lay on
the bottom my line was slack. Small taps started, feels like Pin fish. My
line started coming tight, I slowly lifted the Okuma Cedros rod. The Huge
Black Drum was tugging and pulling my line.  I finally landed the giant of
the flats, Though these over sized Drum are not good table fare, they are
certainly excellent fun to target for photos and memories. Durring the
course of the day I saw many of the Drum, catching 3 of the giants. I was
sure that I could have caught many more than 3, but I was on a mission for
Red fish this day.  The Drum in  the picture was he first catch of the day.
it weighed just over 35lbs. If you would like to catch one of thee Giants
on light tackle, or have a diffrent adventure that will produce memorries
that will last a life time, call and book a trip. 352-302-5861, and ask for
Capt. Kelly www.Spottailscharters.com


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May 29th 2012 Fishing Report for Crystal River PDF Print E-mail


I was reeling in a Rapala slash Xterme Action SlashBait slowly this morning just after Daylight. I felt the line tighten up on my rod, the first thought that ran through my mind was that the lure was bouncing on the bottom. Drag started to scream off the reel, my heart started pounding. Seconds into the fight the 100 pound Tarpon leaped 6 feet into the air. The drag was singing, as line ripped off my reel. The Silver King sky rocketed a total of 6 times, before he threw my hook! What an exciting start to very productive day. Tarpon season is in full swing here on the Nature Coast. They are being caught on Spinning tackle as well as Fly rods, Also the Redfish bite is still strong, catching limits of big Reds and then catching and releasing some on most of the recent trips. The bite has been strong through out most of the day. Most of the Trout have dropped out on the deeper flats, where one can still scrap out some very nice fish in the upper slot size, with lost of action from other species to go along with them.

Scallop season starts July 1st. Make your Scalloping trip or charter resrevations asap.  

If you would like to go on one of thee exciting adventures of a life time give me a call and book your next trip, it is not just a fishing trip when you go with Spottails Charters it is an Adventure.
Capt Kelly Kofmehl



Written by Donald   
Wednesday, 30 May 2012 17:08
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Fishing with Mel Tillis Tournament Champs April 14th Homosassa PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Monday, 16 April 2012 14:18

On Saturday, April 14 Capt. Kelly successfully guided Vic Buttermore for the 1st place win in the Redfish division, and Randell Buttermore for 1st place in the junior division, with large Redfish, during the Mel Tillis tournament out of Homosassa, Fl. The Charter was a huge success for the day. The Buttermore's caught many Reds the day of the tournament. 3 of the Reds were over the slot limit with the largest of them being 33inches. Also caught were some Trout that made a tasty treat for the end of the day festivities. If you want some Drag screaming excitement give me a call @ 352-302-5861 and book your next adventure.

Capt. Kelly Kofmehl
Inshore and Back Country fishing at its Best
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April 12th 2012 Fishing Report for Crystal River Area PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Thursday, 12 April 2012 15:25
Fishing has been an Exterme high for the first half of the month of April. We have been catching limits of big Reds and large Trout. Also the weather has been the best that one could ask for, not to hot and not to cool, making condtions at an all time high for for the my clients and for the fish. Come and experince the thrill for yourself.
  Capt. Kelly Kofmehl
Flats and Back Country Fishing



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February 20th 2012 Fishing Report Crystal River PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Tuesday, 21 February 2012 15:52

The month of March means one thing to me, Trout and big Trout. In years past Trout have been closed for the month of February, so traditionally the month of March has been the time to start Trout fishing. Usually the cold fronts are starting to lose some of their punch. Days on the water are more easily planned without the the big weather swings.

  The next couple of months have to be my favorite time to fish, not to hot not to cold. Lots of big Trout on the flats. The start of tournament season for Trout and Redfish. And limits of fish on the cleaning table at the end of the day.  We are still having to measure the fish, but not as one might think, in the Spring we must be careful not to get to many over the slot. Here on the Nature Coast you are allowed 5 Trout per person, 15 to 20 inches, with only 1 of the 5 allowed to be over the 20inch mark. When I target Trout in the spring months my favorite thing to use is top water lures. To see the strike and then to feel the line come tight, fish on! Many other techniques are just as effective such as live shrimp, jerk baits, and mid water lures.  One of the most common mistakes that alot of anglers make is to fish with their drag to tight when fishing for these larger Trout. Trout have a soft mouth that tears easily, making it easy for the Trout to throw the hook when giving those big head shakes.

   It is already shaping up to be a record setting year with limits of big Trout being caught threw the whole month of February. Things will only get better as the Gulf water temperature warms up and so does the fishing. Call and reserve your back country and flats fishing trip on the pristine waters in the heart of  Nature Coast here in Crystal River.

  Capt Kelly Kofmehl

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January 15th Crystal River Fishing Report PDF Print E-mail
Written by Donald   
Wednesday, 18 January 2012 15:46

Here on the Nature Coast of Florida we are enjoying a variety of
wintertime weather and temperatures. Through the highs and the lows
the fishing has been good with a large variety of different species to
catch. I was fishing for Trout with a client; we were using live
shrimp tail hooked on a jig head. The first cast went in the water,
the rod bent, drag started to pull and a large Ladyfish came rocketing
out of the water. The very next cast the rod bent, drag started
ripping, but no rocketing out of the water. This fish was staying on
the bottom, not wanting to come to the top like a Trout or Ladyfish.
The next thought that crossed my mind was it must be a Jack. As Mrs.
Seacrest got the fish closer to the boat I could see what it was,
Pompano, a big smile came on my face and I told them that they were
going to have some good eats tonight. We caught a few Trout in that
hole and moved on to the next hole to catch some more Trout. Then we
went to catch some reds with the biggest red measured at 30 inches.
    Pompano can be caught on several different kinds of bait, form
live shrimp on a jig working it slow along the bottom like we were
using that day, shrimp under a popping cork, to one of the jigs
especially made for Pompano. We even caught one on a top water plug
one time, yes I said top water. I know, I would not of believed it if
I had not seen it myself, but it is true. Pompano typically migrate
south for the colder months. The last couple of years we have been
catching quite a few of them while Trout fishing the deeper sloughs. I
will find them in the deeper holes where the water is murky. I like to
target them in the warmer summer months but they are a bonus in the
winter. They will be here all winter scattered in the deep channels
off of Crystal River and the hot water discharge canal. I like to cook
mine on the grill with butter and some Cajun seasoning.
  We were using a Cedros spinning rod and reel combo, with 10-pound
test braid and 15 pound fluorocarbon leader. A 1/4 ounce jig with a
small hook with live shrimp. Making a short cast and bouncing the on
the bottom very slowly. This will work for Trout and Pompano through
out the month of February, while you are Trout fishing now that there
is no closed season for Trout in this area. If you would like to try
for some Pompano give me a call and we will go fishing!

  Capt. Kelly Kofmehl
 Flats and Back Country Fishing


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